Biomedical Glycoscience

Our group at CIC biomaGUNE is engaged in both basic and applied research in Glycoscience, the science and technology of carbohydrates. Glycoscience is still a relatively understudied area but has a strong potential to provide groundbreaking solutions to major societal challenges in personalized medicine, pharmaceuticals, food and biomaterials. A roadmap for Glycoscience in Europe has been drafted in 2015 with the participation of our lab.

In our research we focus specifically on biomedical glycoscience, investigating and exploiting structure and function of carbohydrates in the context of human biology and disease. We do this by developing specific tools for glycan analysis and glycan-based intervention and by closely collaborating with a growing number of internationally recognized researchers. The following pages illustrate the currently active major research lines and our efforts in translating our results from basic science into commercially viable products.

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