Meeting of the RSEQ Carbohydrate Group in Seville

On the 26th of November the Carbohydrate Group of the Spanish Royal Society of  Chemistry invited the Spanish carbohydrate chemistry community to a one day symposium to which Niels Reichardt had the honor of being invited to give a talk on microarrays in glycoscience. The title of the talk was Insights and Lessons  from Microarray Experiments on the Glycan binding Specificities of Immune Receptors.

Invited lectures were given from left to right by Noureddine Khiar, IIQ Seville; Niels Reichardt, CIC biomaGUNE, Francisco Plou, ICP; Madrid, Laura Masgrau, UAB, Barcelona and Matthew Gibson, U Warwick, UK


Immunoshape conference in July

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During 2.5 days (10-13.07.2018) we hosted nearly 80 international scientists for our Immunoshape conference on Glycoimmunology at Miramon Science and Technology park in San Sebastian. An exciting scientific program around host-pathogen interactions, lectins as therapeutic targets or glycan based immune therapies, ample time for networking and scientific discussions together with good food and the breathtaking panorama of San Sebastian in summer made this small conference a full success. To be repeated soon!