Joint PhD project aimed at developing Glycoengineered viral particles as a Platform Technology for Glycoconjugate Vaccines, Immune Modulators and Antivirals

In the framework of an ongoing collaboration between Gaiker and CIC biomaGUNE research centers we offer a fully funded 3-year PhD project focused on the development of glycoengineered viral particles and their validation as conjugate vaccines, immune modulators or antivirals.

A research project with training in carbohydrate synthesis, bioconjugation techniques and protein expression is offered. The aim of the project is to develop tunable and functionalized viral particles with potential application as glyconjugates vaccines, modulators of immune response e.g. in autoimmune disease and cancer or potent antivirals by inhibiting cell surface attachment and hence infection of viral pathogens. The PhD will be carried out between the Biotechnology group of Gaiker, located in Zamudio, Bizkay and the Glycotechnology group at CIC biomaGUNE in San Sebastian, Guipuzcoa, respectively. Supervision will be provided by the two project PIs and senior support staff and research progress revised.

Required Education Level:

Bs in Chemistry and Msc in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, or Biotechnology

Required Skills/Qualifications:

Previous experience in research organic synthesis, bioconjugation techniques and/or protein expression desirable

Good level of spoken and written English language


Predoctoral contract with a duration of 3 years. The candidate will be contracted by CIC biomaGUNE for the first 18 months, and by Gaiker for the last 18 months.

Informal Inquiries:

Informal requests for additional information can be sent to Niels Reichardt at

Applications sent directly to the emails listed above will be NOT be accepted.

Equal opportunities Policy:

CIC biomaGUNE is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to: age, color, disability, gender, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other classification protected by European, national, or local law.

How to apply:

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