IMMUNOSHAPE is a Marie Curie European Training Network that brings together 14 leading European partners providing multidisciplinary and multisectorial training in biomedical glycoscience and its industrial applications to a new generation of young scientists.

IMMUNOSHAPE, as a major EU funded programme, implements an intersectorial  trainig programme in a transnational network between the academic and the industrial partners in the fields of biomedical glycoscience. The new trained generation of scientists will be capable of combining state of the art synthesis and screening technology to develop new lead structures for highly selective glycan based multivalent immunotherapeutics for the treatment of cancer, autoimmune diseases and allergy.


  1. MINECO Spanish National Research Plan: Glycoimmunotech (2015-2017)
  2. Thyroid cancer markers, CIBER-BBN intramural
  3. Ramon Areces Foundation project, coord. Juan Falcon, CIC bioGUNE