Damian Pérez


Damián Pérez received his BSc in Chemistry from the University of Alicante in 2017. During which, he did an Erasmus stay at the Heinrich-Heine University of  Düsseldorf (Germany) where he carried out his bachelor thesis on the study and the synthesis of photolabile protecting groups. In 2018, he obtained the MSc in Molecular Chemistry and Homogeneous Catalysis from the University of Zaragoza, where he worked on the design, synthesis and characterization of O-GlcNAc Transferase ligands. During that summer, he spent a 3-month stay at the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of Prague (Czech Republic), where he worked on the design and preparation of novel types of modified derivatives and analogues of nucleobases and nucleosides for medicinal applications. Since 2019, he has been part of the Glycotechnology Lab. as a FPI PhD Student funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities (MICINN)

Paseo Miramon 182
20009 San Sebastián
Gipuzkoa, SPAIN.

Tel. office +34 943 005 319