Juan Echevarria, postdoctoral researcher

Juan EchevarriaJuan Echevarria Ruiz studied Chemistry at the University of the Basque Country and received his PhD in Organic Chemistry at the same university in 2006, working on asymmetric synthesis. He spent 3 years as postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ) in Tarragona working in the fields of supramolecular chemistry and asymmetric catalysis. Then he moved to CIC biomaGUNE to the group of Niels Reichardt and Manuel Martin-Lomas, where he specialized in glycan and protein microarray based assays and in absolute glycan analysis by mass spectrometry. Currently he is working in the “Asparia Glycomics” project, developing glycan analysis solutions for biopharmaceutical product characterization and clinical biomarker discovery.

Paseo Miramon 182
20009 San Sebastián
Gipuzkoa, SPAIN.

Tel. office +34 943 005 319