Visit from Juan Falcón, Ikerbasque professor working at CICbioGUNE

JuanMFalcon[1][2]A few days ago, on the 18th of May we had a visit from Juan-Ma Falcón, a research group leader and Ikerbasque professor from close-by  CICbioGUNE research center in Bilbao to give a talk titled  “Exosomes: metabolic nano-machines encoding complex signals”. Juan-Ma is a long-standing collaborator of our group and we are jointly exploring the effect of glycosylation on exosome targeting employing lectin arrays and different approaches for engineering exosome glycosylation. In his seminar Juan-Ma highlighted exosomes as our bodies own nanotechnology approach for the tissue specific delivery of metabolites, RNA and proteins from a source cell. We were so busy discussing science that we forgot to take a picture during his visit. Here is an archive foto of Juan Falcón.

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