Spin-off company Asparia Glycomics founded to commercialize our glycan analysis technology


CIC biomaGUNE and private investors have come together to set up Asparia Glycomics, a company specialized in the production and marketing of reagents, reference standards, kits and software for glycan analysis in clinical diagnosis and for quality control of biopharmaceuticals.

The new company is commercializing state of the art technology developed in our laboratory during the last 5 years to quantify protein glycosylation with higher precision and higher throughput than existing solutions. Asparia Glycomics is offering unique stable isotope labeled glycans as internal standards, custom made quantification software and reagents for glycan analysis by mass spectrometry.

The company is led by Dr. Juan Echevarria, a co-developer of the technology, who moved to Asparia Glycmics from the glycotechnology laboratory. The standards and kit solutions offered by Asparia Glycomics find multiple applications in clinical glycomics research, biopharmaceutical glycan analysis and glycobiology in general. For more information visit https://aspariaglycomics.com/

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